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Sept 4th 1915

Sat 4th
Stan & Les on duty on the 'phone from 4 till 8 'clock this morning here at No 1 Outpost; I woke at 5 o'clock had a nice little walk down to the well for water, which is nearly a mile away from here; (we always seem unlucky in never striking camp near water); Last night a fatigue party of 200 men were told off. Some of them had to put out barb wire entanglements & the remainder to be ready in case of discovery & attack; A Monitor opened fire from opposite us at dinner time with large guns apparently shooting at a target some-where in the Narrows; At 4 oclock a Cruiser gave The Turks trenches on Walkers Ridge a particularly rough time dropping large shells right along their trenches, There is only a gully between us & where the shells fell. So we had a grand view of the bombardment.

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