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Mon 6th
Every available man was on another fatigue party last night & orders came through yesterday saying the fatigue parties have to go out every night; we were told we would only be at this post for 3 days when we came but it has lengthened now & we are to remain a fortnight. Stan went to Anzac this morning to have one of his teeth filled & arrived back at dinner time after being told to call back next week as the dentist had no stuff to kill the nerve. We have been trying to get half a case of eggs through Monk one of our Red Cross men but so far have not succeeded. Col. Meredith has been behaving like a gentleman here & we all have a much better opinion of him here than we had in Egypt & everyone agrees he will not be found wanting if we have any more charging to do, he seems to be always smiling & happy & is proud as punch of the old boys.

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