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Infantry Btn, & as I was not known amongst these, I did not feel quite as safe when out in front of them as I did amongst our own lot; As this part of the line should have been looked after by the Sig's of the 26th I decided to go up the trench to their office, as I considered it rather risky following the wire as the 26th had not been warned & I was halted more than once & had to explain matters, One of the Patrol has been sent to Walkers Sig's saying their line was broken & although I went to the top of Walkers Ridge I could not find the Sig Office & as a man has only to miss his footing there to go rolling down 100 ft or more I decided to give up hunting in the dark & started to return & then I had to give more explanation to all the sentries as they had changed shifts & did not know me & I thought once or twice that I would be held

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