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Fri 17th
From one till four oclock this morning we had orders to fire no shots & to keep a strict silence which was carried out without any movement on the Turkish side; Earlier in the night a good deal of rifle and machine gun fire was heard somewhere about Lonesome Pine & I thought the 6th & 7th L.H were being attacked but have no heard no word of it. D Sqd buried all their spare ammunition today; A Naval Officer & a couple of men were killed at Watson's Pier last night; Today the men working on the pier were busy today blowing the side out of the old ship & a good many Turkish shells also fell around the pier; The 3rd Light Horse Field Ambulance have received orders to remain on the Peninsula if we are attacked while leaving to attend to any wounded left behind & to surrender to the Turks; the Sgt & one man who are to work

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