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be away sometime & a man could not do it much under 2 hrs if he had no sentries to stop him & I had no idea they would get so anxious about me. I was lucky to get through with only a stiff shoulder as I had several communication trenches to cross & a jump through the dark was the only way of crossing them as some of them are 9 & 10 ft deep but I was surprised to see on my return a report of the case wrote out by Joe who said he had felt sure I had stopped one of the bullets that were flying about and was not able to get back to our own men so he had reported to Nelson & had a written report ready for Bde as soon as my body was found. rather comical to have the report of my surmised death written while I was out enjoying the stroll through the scrub. Heavy sea running again today & cloudy otherwise everything same as usual.

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