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Mon 27th
Last night we were on duty all night: & I felt the benefit of the sheep-skin waist-coat; the warboats gave 971 a rough time of it for some time; as we were going on duty we could see the shells bursting: This morning I asked the S.M. for a couple of men to go on working at the 'phone box & got McDonald & his mate; I went down to show them what I wanted done and was picking away when a bullet cracked very close to my ear I looked round to see where it came from ,when another hit the dirt right in front of me I did not wait to look for more, but set to work to make sleeping "possies" if the second bullet was a foot higher I would probably have been with the angels now as it was a direct line, we have only an hours work to finish it, & as we are in full sight from the Turks the work shall have to be done during the night; had a swim this morning & it was cold.

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