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Table Top at 10 oclock: The warboats were fairly busy at intervals during the night giving the Turks trenches opposite Walkers & Popes a rough time: Went for a dip this afternoon the weather has become quite mild again; at 4 oclock this afternoon the warboats opened fire in the Achi-Baba again & one would think by the noise that a violent storm was approaching from the South; Beachy Willie which has been silenced the last few days again started to-day & is causing some commotion at Anzac, a hospital boat leaves here on an average of about 1 per day with sick & wounded (principally sick) We are on duty every night in the firing trench & have a very steep hill to go over to get to our post:: The batteries in all the phones here are about to run out & they do not work too well & we cannot get the new ones in here

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