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morning Hobson, his mate , & I went out & set to work & did good work till dinner time: Hobson & his mate were to go on again at 2 oclock till 5; Hobson's mate went off duty at dinner time with a poisoned foot & as the dirt had been falling in off the parapet all the morning Hobby & I decided not to go out till after tea, so as we could get up on the parapet & shovel all the loose dirt away from our front, as there should be an hours darkness before the moon rose & not much danger of being hit by our friends the Turk, who is entrenched 500 or 600 yds away; We worked at high pressure during that hour & before the moon rose we had finished all that could be done for the present on the parapet & returned to our bunks; This afternoon Stan & I received a sheep-skin waist-coat from Aunt Bessie, & they are very acceptable as the nights now are getting very cold. "No phone work tonight"

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