Item 03: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 4 September-18 December 1915 - Page 122

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the machine gun on Russell's Tops have also received orders to hold the Turks back as long as possible & they are also to be left behind if we have any difficulty in getting away; The Gurkhas are leaving tonight; this evening the Colonel & Adj & Major Granville went around to Bde Head Quarters to see the Head about the final arrangements. Another gun of D Bty was sent away today & now only one remains. Somehow I fancy we shall all get away off the Peninsula without being molested by the Turks; We ran another 'phone line out today down to the Gully to A Sqd. No 1 Sub Section & believe we are to get a 'phone from Bde tomorrow & have another Station working tomorrow night Last night we could hear the lads going out to the transports singing Good-by Gallipoli we could hear them quite plain & thought it hardly fair to us, as the it was as good as telling the Turks they were leaving

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