Item 03: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 4 September-18 December 1915 - Page 114

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afternoon the Ordnance Store on the beach was thrown open; & we were allowed to take anything at all we required Les happened to be down there and brought back a pair of new leggings for himself also a pair for me; he also secured one pair of rubber boots that comes up to the thighs; Tonight the 3rd LHR & also the 2nd LH are leaving and we had to send part of this Regt to man the trenches of both the 2nd and 3rd LH tonight so the 1st Regt are now holding the same front as the 3 Regiments have been holding previously; If the Turks attack at present there is sure to be blood & hair flying for a while & then I suppose the annihilation of the 1st L.H; it is practically certain that we shall be the last troops to leave here, &

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