GEORGES ISLAND

June 1769

wise say these Ships brought the Venerial distemper to this Island where it is now as Common as in any part of the world & which the People bear with as little concern as if they had been accustom'd to it for Ages past, we had not been here many days before some of our People got this disease, & as no such thing hapened to any of the Dolphins people while she was here that I ever heard of. I had reason (notwithstanding the improbability of the thing)To think that we had brought it along with us which gave me some small uneasiness & did all in my power to prevent its progress, but all I could do was to little purpose, as I was obliged to have the most part of the Ships Company ashore every day to work upon the Fort & a Strong Guard every Night & the Women were so very liberal with their favours or else Nails, Shirts &tc. where temptations that they could not withstand, that this distemper very soon spread itself over the greatest part of the Ships company, but now I have the satisfaction to find that the Natives all agree that we did not bring it first here- 

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