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5-30 p.m. had some boxing bouts and a scratch Concert on our troop deck. Afterwards had some Music from band.

Wednesday June 25th
Passed Tenneriffe during the early morning (saw the lights). Had the liver for breakfast. 9 oclock Parade, 9-30 Saddlery class. Put in the afternoon reading. A glorious day, sea very calm. 7 oclock Concert by Smart Set on aft well deck. (Very good.)

Thursday June 26th
10 oclock Medical inspection. Overtook and passed 2 boats. Weather dull and cool. Had some music from band during afternoon. I took some snaps of the crowd.
After tea Euchre tournament on troop deck. Got badly beaten.

Friday June 27th
One week at sea, covered 1918 miles. 9 oclock Parade, 9-30 Boot class. Got films. Just after dinner passed Cape Verde, saw the remains of a wreck on the rocks. Got some snaps of the rocks. Saw a lot of flying fish and some huge porpices.

Saturday June 28th
One of the engines broke down early this morning. Steaming under one engine (doing 5 Knots per hour). Weather very hot.
Other engine started just after dinner. 2 p.m. 2nd Divy sports on well deck, some good fun. Got some snaps. Evening. Music from band. Passed a couple of boats.

Sunday June 29th
No parade. 10 a.m. Church. Weather cooler. Slept all afternoon.

Monday June 30th
9 oclock Parade.
9-30 Boot class. Weather very hot, strong wind blowing. Band during afternoon. After tea Smart Set gave a concert on our troop deck.

Tuesday July 1st
Started making pair of shoes. A band of the lads went round grabbing anyone and everyone and dipping them.

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