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going down the line. Camped by the roadside for breakfast and dinner. Moved off again at 2-30 p.m. On the road we passed some German Motors, and two aeroplanes with their wings broken. Went through Bayonvillers and camped near …
After I had gone to bed a lot of Tanks came along the road, thought one was going right over us, it came partly over our trench but went back again.

Wednesday Aug. 14th
Had an easy day. Went and had a look at a tank that had been burnt in the last stunt. More tanks went up the road to-day. Was shown over one by one of the crew who explained its workings, has six cylinders and generates 150 horse power and travels 12 miles an hour, at top speed. Had another visit from Fritz during the night, one bomb wounded five men and five horses.

Thursday Aug. 15th
Saw some good air fighting, one of ours and two of Fritz's came down. Got seven letters from Aussie. Had another visit from Fritz and his bombs, thought he was never going to stop dropping them. Never did any damage to our battery.

Friday Aug. 16th
Put in the morning unloading ammunition and stacking it. After dinner went and had a look at one of our planes that had to come down owing to the engine going wrong. An engine and trucks went up the line (the first I have seen for a long time) to bring back a load of Fritz material, came back with a load of rails. Fritz left us alone during the night, the first time for six nights.

Saturday Aug. 17th
After dinner packed up again. Moved off at 2-30 to our new wagon lines. Camped near Harbinage on the side of a hill. On the way down we passed huge dumps of Fritz shells and cartridges. The shells were all sizes, from Whiz-Bangs to 10 inch, standing 2 ft. 6 in. high. The number of prisoners taken during the week is 30,344.

Sunday Aug. 18th
Half holiday. Wrote letters all afternoon. One of Fritz's planes brought down one of our baloons in flames. A lot of tanks have been going along the gully all day.

Monday Aug. 19th
Was awakened early by the firing at Fritz planes overhead. Tom Hall was wounded in the shoulder by machine gun bullet. George Shridow had his leg run over by the water cart.

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