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that the R.E's were building. Camped outside Cartigny and relieved the 53rd Battery who are going out for a spell. I met Lieut. Turner and had a yarn to him. On the road up I tried to find Percy Lawson, but couldn't manage it. 5 p.m. the guns went up to the pits. Near one of the bridges that had been blown up were five of our tanks, out of action, had grass growing on them, remains of March 1918 retreat. At 9-30 p.m. all the teams up were harnessed up and went for ammo and went forward to the new position.

Thursday Sept. 12th
More rain, cold and wintry. The sounds of heavy cannonading has been going on all morning. Found a german machine gun in some scrub (the latest pattern). Packed up and moved off at 3 p.m. only went about ½ a mile, camped in some scrub alongside a quarry. Had to make a dug out.

Friday Sept. 13th
Didn't get up until breakfast time. Rained heavy all night. Some heavy shells passed over head during the afternoon.
Had just got into bed when a number of Fritz planes came over. Our searchlights picked up five of them, then the anti's got going and brought down two. The cheers could be heard for miles as they fell in flames.

Saturday Sept. 14th
Tim Heley left for Blighty (on his way to Aussie). Put in a good day's work.

Sunday Sept. 15th
Weather fine again. Fritz shelled the road in front of us with gas shells 7 p.m. Made everyone go at the toot. Another of Fritz's booming planes was brought down just after we had gone to bed.

Monday Sept. 16th
Mick Jones was wounded by a piece of shell (blighty). Put in another full days work. After tea all the teams and wagons went up with ammo, I had to go on guard over some Ammo until dark. While sitting on the hill I could see hundreds of wagons going up with ammunition in all directions. About midnight a storm broke, thunder, lightning and rain, the worst I have seen since I came to France.

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