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Wednesday Aug. 28th
Had an early morning surprise when I went into the Sergeants quarters, bottles, both broken and whole lay everywhere, had to be cleaned up before we could have breakfast. Showery all day.

Thursday Aug. 29th
The usual happenings for the morning. Half holiday, our battery played the 43rd cricket and lost by 6 runs. I came a "proverbial", had an inoculation against fever, made my arm swell and stiff.

Friday Aug. 30th
Arm stiff and sore. 9 a.m. Muster parade reallotted to subs. Had another half holiday. After tea finished my job at the Sergeants mess.

Saturday Aug. 31st
Started work in Saddlers shop, on my own, as saddler went on blighty "leave". Got photo and parcel from Jean Gillies, "not half lucky". Have half holiday every day now.

Sunday Sept. 1st
Made a leather dice box and mirror frame. Mended my first pair of boots in the army. Got six letters from Aussie, two from wife. See a lot of planes every day flying over our camp, there is an aerodrome just over the hill. 7 p.m. we had a concert in one of our huts by the "Smart Set", a very fine show, one of them played "Nearer my God to thee", on a harp, it was one of the finest things I have ever heard.

Monday Sept. 2nd
Had a full dress parade, the battery looked tip-top, everything spick and span. Put in a hard day's work, mending harness, went to bed early.

Tuesday Sept. 3rd
Another full dress parade, after inspection we moved off to the saluting point, went through Camon and on along the Amiens road and back through Lamotte. Col. McLaughlan took the salute, had a lot of red tabs with him.

Wednesday Sept. 4th
Had an easy morning. After tea went for a walk into Camon to the "Smart Set" but couldn't get in.

Thursday Sept. 5th
9-30 a.m. Muster parade, inspection by Col. Spurge, did some foot drill. Capt. Kitto promoted to Major. Sgt. Eng made Q.M. Sergeant, Len Taylor made Corporal. After tea went for a row on the lake, got slightly wet but enjoyed ourselves, rowed with shovels.

Friday Sept. 6th
9-30 a.m. Mounted parade, did battery manouvers all morning.

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