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Le Steer who was wounded. Later in the evening Fritz came over dropping bombs, one was picked up by searchlight and got a rough spin from one of our planes and machine guns.

Sunday Sept. 29th
A big attack was made on Fritz's line at 5-30 p.m. The gun fire was the heaviest I have yet heard. We packed up and moved forward to the other side of Villers Faucon. Some of our men (13) were wounded in the stunt. There were Tommies, Aussies and Yanks. One of Fritz's baloons was set on Fire by one of our planes. Got a job with the cooks for a few days. Two Fritz planes brought down, one by Anti's and one by machine guns.

Monday Sept. 30th
Wind blew very strong all night. I got up feeling very cold and miserable as I had to make my bed with only an overcoat and bag, as my blankets were at the forward position. As we were getting dinner ready Fritz started shelling and made us move "toot sweet". At tea time the teams came back from the forward lines and I got my blankets.

Tuesday Oct. 1st
Had a good nights sleep, was warm for a change. Two of our baloons were brought down by Fritz's planes. The Tommies made an advance on our left. On our front we advanced 2000 yds.

Wednesday Oct. 2nd
Had to get up at 2-30 a.m. and make tea for the men. Wagons moved off at 4-30 to forward position. I then went back to bed until 7-30. We moved off at 9-30 to new wagon lines, went round to the right of St. Emilia, then through Templeux and Hargicourt and camped outside … Had to wait about three hours for water before we could make tea. Went up on a hill nearby and saw some Aussies currying Fritzs. Got a good view of the surrounding country and ruined villages.

Thursday Oct. 3rd
One balloon and two planes were brought down by our airmen, two of our planes had to come down owing to engine trouble. Saw a good coursing match between a hare and all the men around our camp. All the gunners came down from the pits for three days rest. A lot of Fritz planes were over during the night.

Friday Oct. 4th
Another good course with a hare, it was knocked over by a 'Tommy'. Just after dinner we got orders to pack up. Arrived in new position just as it was getting dark and lit the fire to make tea, had to put it out as the Hun came over dropping bombs very close to us. We came through Hargicourt, Bellicourt

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