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one plane was brought down by one of ours in Flames.

Saturday Sept. 21st
Had another quiet day. Loaded the wagons with spare gear. The D.A.C. went up after dark and pulled our guns out.

Sunday Sept. 22nd
Got a new tunic and breeches. 9 men left our battery to go to Australia for six months. I had a very narrow escape from being hit by a piece of shell from the anti air craft guns. Had a quiet night.

Monday Sept. 23rd
Muster parade. The names of the men were taken who enlisted before June 30th 1915. Half holiday. Got two letters from Aussie. After tea went for a walk, met some "Port Sydney" heads, after I got back Rowl King walked in and I had a long yarn with him.

Tuesday Sept. 24th
Got orders to pack up and go to H.Q. as a runner, left just after dinner and after wandering round for about three hours arrived tired and footsore as my horse had to be dragged along. At 6-30 we moved off to a new position. I had a bicycle to ride but finished up by dragging it along through the mud. Made my bed in a trench. Started raining 3 a.m. Shivered all night.

Wednesday Sept. 25th
Dr. took me off duty, put in a miserable day in the rain and wind. Made a humpy alongside a hedge and went to bed early. (Villers Faucon).

Thursday Sept. 26th
Put in another cold night. Three baloons and four planes brought down by our airmen yesterday. After tea I got a lift in a wagon part of the way back to the battery, as we were going along two of Fritz's planes came over and set fire to two of our baloons. After walking around a gully and up a hill I found the battery, glad to arrive as the skin is off both my heels.

Friday Sept. 27th
Rained during the night. Just before breakfast a very heavy bombardment took place on our left. Didn't go on parade, couldn't get my boots on. Two Fritz planes came over and had a go at two of baloons, but they came a gutzer. Got ten letters from Aussie, one returned that I sent to Alex from Blighty last Febry.

Saturday Sept. 28th
Put in a cold night. Guns still barking all along the line. Put in the day writing letters. Had just got into bed when Joe Hiscock was roused out to go to the pits in place of

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