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pulling up "diggers" onto the boat after the gangway had been taken down, some had to come aboard from a motor launch. Went to bed tired out.

Monday July 14th
Sea very rough, weather bad, rain and wind, all port holes closed, waves breaking over side. Played 1st round in Euchre and won.
Slept below on table. Boat rolled all night.

Tuesday July 15th
No parade. 9-30 Boot class. Making new shoes. Band during afternoon. After tea a scratch dance. Sea still rough.

Wednesday July 16th
Washed out of bed at 5 a.m. by a huge wave coming right along the deck. Got wet through. 9 oclock Boot Class. Afternoon, played tournament games, won two, lost three. Slept on deck.

Thursday July 17th
9-30 Boot Class, finished another pair shoes. Sea much calmer. Afternoon, Nurse took photo of boot class.
After tea had a dance on deck, some stunt with boat rolling. Slept below, not game to sleep on top.

Friday July 18th
Albatros still following boat from Cape Town. Argument about water lying 3 in. deep on our deck.
9-30 Boot class, finished another pair of slippers. Strong wind blowing. Sold pair of shoes. Boat ran into a storm.

Saturday July 19th
Very stormy, high seas breaking over ship; strong winds. Got wet through on boat deck, wasn't quick enough to get under cover. No class. Played semi final tournament & lost. Heavy storm breaking all over ship as I was going to bed. Water

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