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Diary No. 3

Tuesday Aug. 6th
Didn't get up for early morning parade. 9.30 a.m. Loaded more ammunition. We all had to pass in one blanket and our kit bags until after the stunt. During afternoon packed up ready to move off. 8-30 p.m. left Daours for Hamlet. As we were going through Aubigny Fritz started shelling, wounded three Gunners and three Horses. We then set off at a full gallop along the road. The off wheel horse fell through getting into a shell hole on the road. I only saved myself from falling off by grabbing a strap, but lost my tin Hat. One gunner fell off the limber and the wheel went over his ankle, result, sent to Blighty. Arrived in Hamlet 11-30 and after fixing up the horses, slept under a tree.

Wednesday Aug. 7th
Up at 7 a.m. feeling very tired. Fritz shelled thick and heavy just behind where we are camped. After dinner made a dugout, but found later that we had to move again. Packed up all the wagons. Getting ready for the stunt on the morrow. During afternoon Fritz shelled the position behind us. Went to sleep curled up in a bag and my overcoat.

Thursday Aug. 8th
Awakened at 4 a.m. by the battery behind us opening fire. The stunt opened at 4-20, just daybreak. 7 a.m. had to go with water cart for water, as we were coming back the first batch of Fritz prisoners (about 30) passed us, they all looked very pleased with themselves. When I got back I found that the wagons had gone on, so had to wait on the G.S. Wagon & Cookscart. Saw several batches of prisoners going along the road during the morning and afternoon (Thousands of them) also saw some Machine guns and Field guns. Moved up to our new position 1 p.m. Coming along the track passed a lot of wounded Fritz's and dead horses. One weird sight was seeing an Aussie and a Fritz lying dead with their bayonets through each other. Taking part in the stunt were Tommies on the left, then the Aussies and N. Zealanders, then Canadians with the French

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