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Batt. Infantry band came from Dinant and played all afternoon.

Thursday Jan. 2nd
48th Band went away and 45th Band came in its place.
After dinner held a sports meeting, a good afternoons enjoyment.
In the evening a dance in the school hall.
Got a parcel of stationery, very handy as it cannot be bought.

Friday Jan. 3rd
A very quiet day. Our battery played the 48th Infantry Rugby and got badly beaten by them (first defeat).

Saturday Jan. 4th
First batch went to Namur on leave. Another football match. "Salvaged" some electric bulbs.

Sunday Jan. 5th
Got a letter from Jack Brideson. No bread or meat rations for the troops. Very windy; peculiar weather rains all night and fine during day. Givet placed out of bounds. Leave opened up to Brussels. There has been 500 men in our battery since its formation in Eygpt. 50 have been killed, 46 gunners and N.C.Os and four drivers (one accidental). Full strength of battery 194 Officers and men all told.

Monday Jan. 6th
11th Brigade played 10th Brigade Rugby and got beaten by two points. A Belgian and his wife had a go in. Wife won with a shovel, result 16 stitches.

Tuesday Jan. 7th
Another batch went to Namur. I fixed up a bonzer electric light.

Wednesday Jan. 8th
Took names of men who left Aust. in 1915, caused some stir. Went to Dentist about teeth.

Thursday Jan. 9th
Started raining again.
Went to Dentist again, had my teeth scraped. Got six letters from Aussie (1 from wife).

Friday Jan. 10th
The usual routine. Went to Dentist again.

Saturday Jan. 11th
Had six teeth pulled out. 11th Brigade played D.A.C. football, D.A.C. won. I got back my French watch (been away since Oct. 3rd getting a glass in it). Went to bed early.

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