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Tuesday Nov. 19th
Started boot repairing for Battery. Inspection by General McClagin, went round all the billits.
Saw some French Soldiers who had been prisoners in Germany. They had a feed at our cookhouse.

Wednesday Nov. 20th
Fog, sunshine and fog all day. Put in the day repairing boots. Got 37 remounts, drivers had a day out.

Thursday Nov. 21st
Packed up for the road. 10 a.m. started our march to Germany. Left Le Cateau went through Basuel, Catillon and La Groise. Camped in a small house.

Friday Nov. 22nd
A very cold frosty day. Carted and cut wood to make myself warm. Men went on strike because they weren't getting enough rations.

Saturday Nov. 23rd
All hands taken for a march before breakfast. Half holiday. Made some "burgoo" for supper in petrol tin, highly flavoured.

Sunday Nov. 24th
Church parade. Got a new hat and pair Jack boots.

Monday Nov. 25th
Stitched on my first pair of soles. Sent away Xmas cards.

Tuesday Nov. 26th
A dull cold day. Closed up shop.

Wednesday Nov. 27th
Up at 5-30 packed up. Left La Groise at 8-30 a.m. Went through Le Sart, Prischies, Petit Fayt and Cartignies and camped in a barn. Passed through orchard country, some of the trees blown away.

Thursday Nov. 28th
8-30 a.m. on the road again, plenty mud. Left Cartignies, went through Boulogne, Semeries, Fayt, Sains, Ramousies and camped in Liessies, arrived 3 p.m., and camped in the clink. Rained nearly all the time. At tea time a big batch of "Frogs" lined up with their dishes for some curry.

Friday Nov. 29th
Sewed another pair of boots. Was asked to go into Cookhouse.

Saturday Nov. 30th
Altered two pairs Jackboots. Finished boot repairing job.

Sunday Dec. 1st
Started work in cook house. Get the life worried out of us by hungry french people.

Monday Dec. 2nd
Got another new pair of pants.
3 p.m. Major Stevenson gave a lecture on A.I.F. educational scheme.

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