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Tuesday Dec. 3rd
Rained, a cold miserable day. At tea time the civies came a gutzer, nothing left for them.
A list of complaints was sent into the O.C. by the men.

Wednesday Dec. 4th
9-30 Muster parade, re complaints sent in. 3 p.m. Dental inspection.

Thursday Dec. 5th
A man put on to make tea for battery. Got eleven letters from Aussie.

Friday Dec. 6th
A glorious sunny day. Ground biscuits all morning.

Saturday Dec. 7th
A cold dull day, mended a pair of boots for officer in 39th Battery. Got 10 Francs. Got two letters from Aussie.

Sunday Dec. 8th
Our Battery played the 43rd football, we won. Had a great confab with a French girl over some coffee beans.

Monday Dec. 9th
A bilious attack, queer all day.

Tuesday Dec. 10th
Put in a quiet day. Football match during afternoon.

Wednesday Dec. 11th
A horse parade. Rained all day went for walk in afternoon.

Thursday Dec. 12th
Still raining. Billiting party went away.

Friday Dec. 13th
Up at 5-30 a.m. getting ready for the road. Left Liessies at 8.30 in pouring rain, had hardly gone 1 kilo when harness on W Cart broke, went on ahead of others. Went through Willies, over the Belgian border (9-30), through Touvent, Eppe-Sauvage, Montbliart, Aylin-Bouchant, Rance and Froidchappele, arriving 2 p.m. camped in barn. Rained almost all the time. Country passed through very fine, came through large forest.Belgium A land of hills, dells and streams. Passed a lot of german motor cars, all smashed and burnt.

Saturday Dec. 14th
On the road again 9 a.m. Road very Hilly and steep. Went through le Baret, Cerfontaine, Senzaille, Villers deux Eglise, and Phillippeville, while waiting for rest of transport to come along, had a look round the town. Camped in a large school (5 stories). Streets were all decorated and large crowds of people watched us come through. At night the lamps in street were alight, the first seen for over twelve months.

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