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are decorated with Gilt laurel leaves and wreaths. Five stories. A Belgian stopped me and wanted to buy my boots. After dinner went with a Scotty for a trip round the town. Visited several cathedrals, the Palace of Justice, The Royal Palace, Two Museums, The Maniquin Pis, etc., left Y.M. for station, hung on the back of an electric car part of the way. Left Bruxelles ¼ to 6 p.m. (Had to buy a ticket 8c) Arrived in Namur 8-30 p.m. had a feed, then scratched round looking for a bed, slept in The Hotel de la Monnier (4 Frcs.). Two of us in one bed (more sheets).

Thursday Jan. 30th
Up at 5-30 a.m. and toddled off to Station, left Namur ¼ to 7 a.m., arrived at Heer Agimont 8-30 a.m., had a cold ride. Warmed up walking to Agimont. Had some breakfast then started work again. Wish I had stayed in Brussels.
Six men left for Aussie.

Friday Jan. 31st
More snow, roads very glassy. Went to pictures (rotten).

Saturday Feby 1st
A very heavy fall of snow during night, made a slide in front of cookhouse, caused a lot of fun. Weather bitterly cold.

Sunday Feby 2nd
More snow. Had a quiet day. Wrote letters all evening.

Monday Feby 3rd
Went to pictures, better than last visit.

Tuesday Feby 4th
The usual routine. More snow, very cold.

Wednesday Feby 5th
Ordered 1 copy of Aust. Souvenir Book to be sent home. Received parcel from Leah. More snow fell during afternoon.

Thursday Feby 6th
Snow fell all night, 4 inches thick. Took my name for blighty leave. Sun shone for a few moments. Played cards all evening.

Friday Feby 7th
Got pulled out of bed by Fanny. A cold bleak wind all day. Sun again shining for awhile. Received a letter from Jack B.

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