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7 oclock Dance on our deck. 7-30 I took part in a Debate, "Compulsory Training". Our side lost by 15 votes.

Saturday July 26th
My birthday, 33 not out. Boat gave a terrific roll at 4-30 p.m., crockery and loose articles rolling all over the place. A rotten cold day, very windy with hail & snow, sea very choppy. No parades or classes. While at dinner got orders not to go on deck owing to bad weather. Seamen started to pull hospital down (catching to much weather). Played crib all afternoon. 8 p.m. went to debate club meeting to settle subject of next debate.
Waves were washing over decks all night.

Sunday July 27th
Church in Smoke room 10-30. A little sunshine with cold wind and big seas running. Slept during afternoon. 7-30 Church service.

Monday July 28th
Sea calmer, strong wind. 9-30 boot class, finished another pair of shoes.
Played crib all evening. One of my mates got a wireless from Melbourne.

Tuesday July 29th
Sea very calm.
9-30 Boot class.
Fun stunt after dinner on aft well deck. I won two prizes. 7-30 Debate in Smoke room on "For & against Black Labour for Aust". Our side lost by 15 votes.
7 oclock Dance was held on our deck.

Wednesday July 30th
9-30 Boot class.
Sea very calm, cold wind. Boiler set going again after being out of action for five days.
2 oclock Meeting to arrange next nights debate. 2-30 Tugs of war between the different States. The

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