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sea and strong wind blowing.

Wednesday April 23rd
Woke up at Southampton 6 a.m. Anchored out in the Harbor at 1-30, steamed in 7 Oclock got off the boat 7-30 and had breakfast, then got aboard train (after waiting an hour) and went to Hurdcott. Had a long walk from station to the camp. Felt blown out after it. Met a lot of the 41st Boys in camp.
From the camp can be seen the "Famous Rising Sun" and several other Regimental badges marked out on the side of the hill.
After tea went to Pictures.

Thursday April 24th
9 Oclock Parade. Was inoculated against influenza. Had inspection. Went for walk into village. Very quaint, thatched roofs. Went to Concert in hall. Very rough.

Friday April 25th
Anzac Day. Parade 9 a.m. Dismissed. 10-30 Parade for pay. Got eight letters from Aussie (2 from wife).
After dinner paid for our railway tickets, then went for a walk. After tea went to two picture shows.

Saturday April 26th
9 oclock Parade & dismissed. A cold bleak day, rained very heavy all night. Went to pictures & Concert.

Sunday April 27th
More rain, very cold. Got sea kit and extra clothes from Q.M. Stores. Went for walk after tea, came back early, too cold to stay out.

Monday April 28th
Heavy fall of snow during night. Up at 5-30, rolled up blankets and stacked them in hut. Got railway ticket and pass. Had breakfast 7 a.m. then walked to Fovant station. Train left 20 to nine, went to Salisbury, then up to London. Arrived 1 oclock. Had dinner and clean up. Went through Westminster Cathedral , down past Parliment house, over the bridge past St. Thomas' hospital, over Westminster bridge, then along Thames embankment through to

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