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Sunday Dec. 15th
On the road 8-30 a.m. The road very flat as far as Rosee, where we were to camp, but the billits were condemned. Stopped there from 11 a.m. to 1-30 p.m. Then set off for Agimont. Went through a large forest, the water cart driver ran into a tree, (had a drop too much). I then drove the rest of the way. Brought a Belgian boy along in cooks cart. The road was very steep and some fine views are to be seen from the top of the hills. We came through Goshenee and Vodelee. All the towns had arches over the main streets. People very excited as we were the first Australians they had seen. Camped in a farm yard under a shed. Ern and I had to make the tea as Lewis didn't arrive until late (Rum).

Monday Dec. 16th
Packed up again, moved further up into the town. Had to burst open the door of the house where we are camped as Fritz had taken the key. Found a lot of wood, coal and coke stored in the rooms. Had to clean the place out before we could camp in it. From where we are, Givet and many more towns can be seen, as we are on the side of a huge hill.

Tuesday Dec. 17th
Put up a cover over the cooker to keep the rain off.
Saw a lot of French artillery-men with Fritz limbers and wagons. Had a hot bath in a bucket.

Wednesday Dec. 18th
A miserable wet cold and windy day. Made a stretcher to sleep on. The drivers went on strike and refused to groom horses before breakfast.

Thursday Dec. 19th
More rain, also sleet and hail. Made two more stretchers.

Friday Dec. 20th
Sewed soles on another pair of boots. Want to take me out of cook house.

Saturday Dec. 21st
Weather Mild and dry. Saw a Belgian Funeral. I went down to railway to look for souvenirs but came a proverbial.
Football match, we won again.

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