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broke in one of the portholes, water everywhere.

Sunday July 20th
Heavy seas still breaking over boat. 10 oclock Church service. Very rough and cold all day. 7 p.m. Church. Just got into bed when a huge wave broke over the boat and came down the hatchway, wet a lot of the lads in bed.

Monday July 21st
Waves carried away part of the woodwork during the night. No boot class. Weather not so cold. Meals sliding up and down the table, also cutlery. Got wet on deck, a wave broke over and got me before I got away. Rained all afternoon.

Tuesday July 22nd
Sea calmer & sunshine. 9-30 Boot Class. Started raining after dinner, rained all afternoon. Filled in the time playing cards and draughts. 7-30 p.m. Took part in debate "Liquor Trade". Our side won.

Wednesday July 23rd
A morning of sunshine. 9-30 Boot Class, started another pair of shoes. 10-30 Medical inspection. Sea still choppy and boat rolling.
2 p.m. Quoit competition. Band played during afternoon. 6 oclock, crib & Euchre tournament. A glorious starry night. Boat stopped for a couple of hours during night owing to engine trouble.

Thursday July 24th
Sea very calm. Sunny. Filled in papers for paying money into bank. Finished off shoes (7/-). Started raining after dinner. 7 p.m. Concert by Smart Set. A very cold night.

Friday July 25th
Parade 9 oclock. Boot class 9-30. Finished shoes. Weather squally.

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