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[Transcriber's note: This the third diary of Gunner Young commences in Daours, France in August 1918. He describes the fighting, the conditions, the weather and although he is a Gunner, he is frequently posted to the cookhouse and other duties. His unit is often on the move and they cover an area around the Somme and into Belgium. In mid March he has leave and goes to England and then on to Edinburgh to stay with his relatives and spends time visiting many places of interest in this city. At the end of his leave to returns to Charleroi, Belgium and then on 22 April he leaves France for England, pays another visit to Edinburgh and then sails from Plymouth on 20 June on the "Miltiades", stopping at Cape Town on the way and arriving in Melbourne on 5 August 1919.]

Aug 6 1918
Gnr. J.M. Young
41st Battery Field Artillery
Australian Imperial Forces

Tancks Corner
Diamond Creek
Victoria, Australia

Current Status: