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Sunday Oct. 20th
Rained all night. 10 a.m. moved off to new position, went through St. Soufolet across the canal and railway, had to come back as we had gone too far. Saw a lot of dead Fritzs and a batch of prisoners. The line is blown up also the bridges. Camped outside St. Soufolet. Rained all day, mud and water everywhere.

Monday Oct. 21st
Still raining. After dinner gathered a bag of vegetables from the gardens near by (Turnips, carrots, celery, beet and thyme).

Tuesday Oct. 22nd
Showery, mud everywhere. Had a bonza bilious attack.

Wednesday Oct. 23rd
Another attack opened on Fritz 1-30 a.m., the bombardment was very heavy, lasted four hours. A glorious sunny day. A lot of wounded came down the road.

Thursday Oct. 24th
Another stunt after breakfast. Another sunny day. Got four letters from Aussie, one telling Dave had enlisted.

Friday Oct. 25th
The 5th Div. Artillery went out for a spell. Some of our chaps went and salvaged a quantity of german flour, soup, butter, jam and candles. Fritz raided the village, blew a water cart to bits.

Saturday Oct. 26
Fritz again shelled the village, got some direct hits on the station.

Sunday Oct. 27th
Fritz shelled during the early morning. Saw a good "box on" in the air, one plane came down. Started raining before tea, rained all night.

Monday Oct. 28th
Put some new piping on cooker. I pinched it from some tommies.
During the night had a visit from Fritz with his bombs, also shells.

Tuesday Oct. 29th
A glorious day. Great activity in the air, a Fritz plane had a go at one of our baloons but got knocked by the Anti's, he jumped out with a parachute and landed in our lines.
P.M. Fritz was over dropping bombs, nine searchlights picked up four of them, Anti's and machine guns turned them back.

Wednesday Oct. 30th
During the early hours Fritz shelled the town. Another stunt opened on Fritz. Fritz was over again with his bombs, the plane was brought down in flames, made a great firework display. Great cheers by the crowd.

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