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complete change of underclothes. Had our O. coat & Uniform put through the fumigator. Got three clean blankets and moved into fresh huts. Went to three picture shows and a Lantern Service on the Death of Our Lord.

Saturday April 19th
Parade 9 oclock, went to Lecture in hall on "Repatriation". After dinner went to football match between 3rd & 4th Divisions. The 4th won easily.
After tea went to pictures then heard show by the Coo-ee concert party.

Sunday April 20th
9 a.m. Parade, went through Q.M. Stores, had new underclothes issued. Went into Harve by train. Had a look around the town, walked along the Promenade, a fair number of vessels lying alongside. A big town but very dirty. Came out by train. Met Kaffir in camp, had just arrived, was in a railway smash coming down the line.

Monday April 21st
Put in a bitterly cold night. Only three blankets & cracks in floors. No Parades. Went to football match, 4th Divy. played 5th Divy. and got beaten by 2 points. After tea went to Y.M. to a lecture on Belgium and then had pictures until 9 p.m.

Tuesday April 22nd
Another cold night. 9 a.m. Parade, rolled our blankets into bundles of 10, then handed them in, had iron rations & smokes issued to us. 12-30 Parade and roll call, had embarkation cards given us.
2 p.m., got into motor wagons, 30 in each, didn't move off until 3-15, arrived in Harve 4-30 and went straight on board the "Prince George". Left Le Harve 5-30 was towed out by tug. Passed a large number of vessels lying out in the water way. Got a good view of Harve & surrounding districts from the boat. A fairly choppy

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