Item 03: James McCall Young diary, 6 August 1918-6 August 1919 - Page 13

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Tuesday Aug. 20th
Pay day. Was made limber gunner at the wagon lines, will not have to do duties. One of Fritz's planes had a go at one of our baloons but missed.

Wednesday Aug. 21st
Had a day's loaf, enjoyed a lay in the sun. Was awakened by the sound of a band and troops marching up to the line, sounded very fine in the still night air. Weather very warm. Put in the day cleaning and loading wagons. Was asked to do the cooking for Sergeants Mess.

Thursday Aug. 22nd
Another warm day, one of Fritz's baloons was set on fire by one of our planes.

Friday Aug. 23rd
A very heavy cannonading took place on our left during the early morning (sounded as if something was doing). Started my new job. Had very good war news, large batches of prisoners taken. Got 5 letters from Aussie, 1 from wife, No. 30.

Saturday Aug. 24th
Slept in, just crawled out in time to get breakfast. Some of Fritzs planes were over during the night, very low down. Serg. O. Allen left the battery to go home to Aussie, lucky beggar. Fritz dropped a lot of bombs near us during the night, smashed up a lot of Frenchies.

Sunday Aug. 25th
Packed up, on the move again, going out for a spell. Came down over the ground where the gunners were on Aug. 8th, there is hardly an inch of ground that hasn't been blown up by shells. Its not to be wondered at that so much damage was done after seeing it, by the side of the road lay what remained of a fritz wagon and team of horses, passed a fair number of graves, both Fritz and our own. Camped at Corbie for the night. Rained heavy early in the night. Sgt. Eng woke up to find he was lying in a pool of water.

Monday Aug. 26th
On the move again 8-30 a.m. Came through Corbie, Aubigny, Daours and Foulloy. Camped alongside the swamp at Camon in a big hut. After tea some of the chaps amused themselves on the swamp in French boats.

Tuesday Aug. 27th
Muster Parade, had a letter read to us from General Rawlinson, congratulating us on our work during the attack on Aug. 8th. Half holiday. After tea went to Camon and had a look around, a fair sized town, with a few civilians about also a lot of Frogy soldiers.

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