Item 03: James McCall Young diary, 6 August 1918-6 August 1919 - Page 61

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house where my father was born and lived. Saw Watersons sealing wax works, where granf' worked, along the pleasance, Drummond St. through the Meadows to Polwarth, then came back past the Caledonian Station.
After supper had a hot bath and went to bed well satisfied with my days outing.

Monday March 24th
Another glorious day. After dinner went to Juniper Green, after tea went for walk to Colinton, down the "Auld Braes" into Kirkagard, had a look at ruins of Board Mills, up Joiners Stairs, then visited two houses, down the stairs, where Aunt lived, then up the new road back to Juniper Green. Aunt gave me a book that belonged to Mother.

Tuesday March 25th
10 a.m. Went through the Paper mills, spent two hours watching how the paper was made, from the cutting of the grass to the finished article on the rollers.
The mill can put through 300 tons of paper per week. After dinner went through the Snuff Mill at East Currie nearly choked with the fumes. Had two samples of snuff given me. Only two snuff mills in the whole of Scotland.
After tea went with Archie through Colinton, past the "Sixpenny" tree, then past the Redford castle and Covenanters monument, Redford Barracks to the Electric tram terminus at Craiglockart, Morningside.

Wednesday March 26th
Met Archie's girl & her sister, after tea went for a walk with them but had to come back at the "toot" as it started to rain. Spent the evening playing dominoes. Got some more socks given me. Rained very heavy all night.

Thursday March 27th
Weather fine again, strong wind blowing. After dinner went for walk over the Golf course and hills. 4-30 p.m. left Juniper Green for

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