Item 03: James McCall Young diary, 6 August 1918-6 August 1919 - Page 106

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Victorians came second. Played cards all evening.

Thursday July 31st
Weather good, calm sea, no parade.
Music from band during afternoon.
Scare on board owing to case of chicken pox.

Friday Aug. 1st
Sea still calm, sunny morning. No parades. Packed up and handed in boot gear.
7-30 Impromptu Evening Debating club held on deck. A very good evening.

Saturday Aug. 2nd
9 oclock Parade.
Made a rope wig during the morning. After tea one of the civilians on board dressed me for the Fancy Dress Ball at 7 p.m. on our deck. Danced from 7 to 10 only missed one dance. Went to bed tired out.

Sunday Aug. 3rd
Slept like a log all night. 9-30 Parade with our lifebelts, blankets and hammock, to see if we had the right number. No morning church service. Very strong wind blowing and lumpy seas. 2-30 Parade. Medical inspection, had to strip off our clothes.
Seas broke over boat all evening.

Monday Aug. 4th
Cold windy morning, sea very rough. 11 oclock Kit inspection for shortages.
2 p.m. Parade for pay was paid £10-0-0.
9 p.m. Passed a bright light (a lighthouse) Cape Nelson. Big arguments as to how far we are from Melb.

Tuesday Aug. 5th
Woke up close into land (Cape Otway). Got a good view of the forrest with its gum trees. Passed through the heads 11 oclock. Anchored off Portsea, where the Health Officer & Doctor came aboard. After dinner

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