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Sepik River expedition. - Commander (D)'s report on.

of hounds at once made a cast down stream for fifty yards or so and when some noise or scent turned every hound, I mean natives, back simultaneously and the whole party started off in the opposite direction up stream, at the run.   Soon we came across a game bag hung in  a tree, containing a dead pig and a Wallaby, and the scent being evidently very strong to the natives we all rushed along through the scrub and suddenly overtook a native, after a few moments questioning by the natives we struck off from the stream into the forest, and approaching a small rise, stopped and took cover, whilst 2 of the natives scouted the little  hill, after  a few seconds pause we all ran as hard as possible up the hill led by the faithful Kun Doo and Sergeant Clarke and immediately surrounded a large bush house recently erected, and found the Officer Tafel inside, very much out of breath  and utterly deserted by his police boys.   Tafel surrendered immediately, and was made a prisoner.   The boys then spread out through the forest shouting to the other boys to return which eventually they all did. Sergeant Clarke and a dozen boys were then left to take charge of the house in the forest and we returned to Angorum. Tafel being lodged aboard the "Siar", a prisoner.   The following day I sent on the "Nusa" in command of Mr Bacon, Gunner, H.M.A.S. "Warrego", to sound, and followed her in "Warrego" accompanied by "Parramatta".   I instructed the "Yarra" to search the creeks and tributaries of the river from Angorum to the mouth, first getting in touch by W/T with Madang, and leaving him the "Sitar" and "Witu" to make communication with me if necessary.

The noble river curved and flowed as wide and as deep as lower down, at dusk an anchorage in mid stream was made, and from time to time communication and barter with the natives was had recourse to.   When having arrived about 30 miles lower down than Maloo I intercepted a fragment of wireless which reading "Penetrate into dangerous or partly unsurveyed waters pending further instructions".   I judged it was intended for me  to refrain from taking Destroyers any further.   I left them therefore at this place with orders  to return to Angorum making a search of the river en route, and communicating with me if necessary.   I then transhipped to "Nusa" taking Lieutenant Wilson to survey the river and Major Martin  


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