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Thurs. 10" Aug (7 a.m.)
It is wonderful how quickly the days go by – there is so much to do every day & time never gets a chance to hang on ones hands. From 6.15 a.m. to 10.30 or 11p.m. there always seems to be something to do including, when I can manage to get it in French & swimming which are at present my only forms of recreation. The French can hardly be called amusement – it is too solid. I have been keeping it up steadily for 7 months & hope to be pretty proficient in another 5. The weather is at present fine & the swimming good although the Channel is pretty cool.
A couple of days ago King George came across to France & his ship was escorted by 6 destroyers 2 submarines & two airships making I believe, a jolly fine sight. I did not see it as there is

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