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be compensated by the Govt. for the loss of their homes & properties. No-one knows! (Neither does the Govt. evidently). The number of refugees in the Department of le Nord not invaded, is not known; in the Pas-de-Calais it is 119,000 & in la Somme it is 28,000. (94)
Tuesday 14" Sept. 1916 (1.30 p.m):
I was in Boulogne the other day & went into the office of the "Telegramme" newspaper & turned up the back files from the commencement of the war. Had a good look at these & found them very interesting.
Was talking to a lady the other day who told me that she saw the landing of the first British Troops in France two years ago. A battalion of Highlanders were the first to be disembarked.80,000 Troops were landed at Boulogne from England in the first 10 days of the war. The retreat from Mons which

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