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fine days – typical of the Riviera but last night a breeze sprang up & early this morning (about 3.30) I was awakened by the roar of a gale & the flapping of loose canvas with the tent swaying so violently that I thought it would come down any minute. Put on my boots & greatcoat grabbed hold of a peg mallet & got outside somehow – the O.C.'s office is a square tent & I slept in a section of it divided off. Great activity everywhere – officers & men in pyjamas, portions of uniform etc. etc. struggling with tents that were going their best to become balloons. The O.C. was valiantly wielding a mallet & with the help of several men was doing his best to keep his sleeping tent from floating into another part of France. For a full hour & a half I kept at it and then just as day was dawning, turned in again for a short snooze. Several

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