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Tues. 26" Dec. 1916 Boxing Day (11 a.m):
On Saturday morning, the day before Xmas Eve, a big gale sprang up and a tremendous storm raged all day & right through the night. A British troopship drifted on to the shore near the entrance to Boulogne Harbour & became firmly fixed in the sand with the waves breaking right over her. She was towed off next day but in being taken into the port the transport broke in halves & sank like a stone just inside the entrance – blocking all shipping. And there she still lies – all shipping being held up; a very serious matter as all British activity pours into France through 3 ports – Le Havre, Boulogne & Calais and now it means that everything has to go and come through Calais & Le Havre. Our tents tore like to ribbons just as if they had been made of brown paper and a number of patients had to be moved into the few

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