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the ranks of their army. Furthermore the latest conscripts – the 1918 class ( those who will be 19 in 1918) are to be called up shortly – probably in January, The food supply is now being directed more strictly with a new appointment to the Ministry to supervise. Meat is to be cut out on two days a week, only one kind of bread to be on sale, no pastry to be sold, etc. etc. France is a country of darkness. All lights in dwellings shaded at nightfall, no street lamps, most of the shops closing at 6 p.m. & cafes at 9 p.m. Theatres & Picture Shows in the towns have to close their doors one night per week.
On Wednesday night I saw "Manon" (Comic Opera) played at the Municipal Theatre in Boulogne. It was jolly good. The artistes came from the Opera Comique and the Grand Opera at Paris.

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