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road to Andres. I passed an old ruined tower and then came to a small estaminet on the side of which was in big letters were the word "CAMP DU DRAP D'OR". Here I got off my bike and enquiring within found that the large field under cultivation on the opposite side of the road was the renowned piece of land where kings had met, knights jousted, fair ladies applauded, etc. I decided to go as far as Andres about 3 or 4 kilom├Ętres further on which I found to be a small town full of Belgian Troops, transport and activity. Guines also is alive with Belgians. I set off on the return journey with a strong wind blowing against me and it was after a strenuous ride of 22 kilom├Ętres that I arrived back at Marquise about 5.30 p.m. I was

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