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a population of about 22,000 is situated in pretty undulating country and is linked to the port of Calais by a canal about 20 miles in length. There is nothing much of interest to see except perhaps two or three old churches & of course the gardens which are very pretty. The ride back took 4 ½ hours, the most "interesting" (?) features being the number of hills I had to climb & the fact that the latter part of the journey was done in darkness. In all I did about 70 miles – not a bad performance. The other two chaps who had started off with me only got as far as Escuilles, nearly halfway to St. Omer & then gave it up as a bad job and went back. On the return journey, about 20 kilometres from St. Omer, I met a solitary Australian biking in the opposite direction. He belonged to the 1st

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