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the cliffs on my homeward walk was very pretty – I could see the sea shore round to Cape Gris-nez, 21 kilom. away and half way to Calais with the little seaside places of Wimereux, Ambleteuse and Androsselles in between. Before reaching the camp I ran across a Frenchman & his wife strolling along and we had quite a long chat before I left them.
12" July (Wed 7 pm) :-
Our O.C. Lieut Col. Martin, C.M.G. who has been on 8 days leave to England & Ireland returned last night and has taken over reins again from Lt. Col. Dick
Yesterday afternoon some guns on a hill to our left opened fire and put a number of shots into the Channel. Inquiry failed to elicit what was doing. It may have only been big gun practice.

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