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Feb 10th 1916 Thurs.
Got a late pass last night and went to the "Tops" Performance at the opera House. Good entertainment by a band of pierrots. Got back to Gezira about 12.30 a.m.
Feb 14th Mond.-
The sewerage system of the Hospital has broken down (over 1300 souls at Gezira). One of to day's orders reads :- "No.140,Water Supply. For the present Officers, N.C.Os. & men are not to use the baths and the Nursing Sisters are requested to be as sparing as possible" Seems to be as bad as being in the trenches.
"Rumour has it" that a move of No.2 G.H. is contemplated in a month or 6 weeks. Let us devoutly hope that this is correct.

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