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with low stone walls on either side, separating the small holdings of the peasants who waved to us as we passed along; until finally we passed into the grounds of the Château de Mousset through an open gateway. The Château itself stands well in the middle of its spacious grounds which are still pretty not withstanding the rough usage they must have had since the place has been taken over by the military.
The tall hills rise on both sides & in rear, while in the front, about ¾ mile away can be seen the blue waters of the Mediterranean.
We have not yet taken over the Hospital which is being run by Lahore Stationary Hospital (Indian Exped. Force) with a section of the R.A.M.C. attached.
Today we have been on service rations – bully beef, biscuits & tea which together with plenty of work and a fine bracing atmosphere are making me feel as fit as the proverbial fiddle. (70)

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