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Our train stops from South to North –
Marseille Ailes Avignon Orange Macon Les Laumes [?] Montereau Jewisy Epluches Creil Clermont St Just Ammiens [indecipherable] Abbeville Etaples Boulonge Wimereux

engines, comfortable carriages, dexterity with which traffic is handled, latest appliances & accessories, etc. would be hard to beat anywhere; certainly not in Australia
Tuesday 4" July (3.45 p.m.)
On Sunday morning an early start was made on the unloading of our equipment & stores (180 tons) from the trucks at Wimereux Station. With the assistance of 27 large A.S.C. steam lorries everything was in camp by midday & by nightfall practically 100 beds were ready for patients. The next morning the wards containing the first 100 beds were completed and a start made on a second 100. In the evening orders were received to be ready to take patients and soon after 9 p.m. the first ambulances arrived with sitting up and lying down

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