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At Pont-de-Briques I saw the Chateau where Napoleon stayed when his army to invade England was encamped outside Boulogne.

trams at Pont-de- Briques, 5 kilometres from Boulogne. The remaining 10 kiloms. is an interesting part of the journey. In one part the tram passes through the Forest of Hardelot with a little further on tall sand dunes on the right & fertile fields on the left. The lakes of the "the Mirrors" & "Clear Water" are passed & then we arrive at the Chateau d' Hardelot an old feudal fortress where Henry VIII once resided for some time.
Near the Chateau is a cottage which belonged to Charles Dickens. The Chateau stands in splendid grounds & before the war was a great centre for tourists – the golf links being well known. However, now it is a centre of military activity where there are rows of white tents & Machine gun and Lewis gun schools established. Hardelot itself has a fine beach & also a splendid tiled "dique- promenade" 2000 ft. long. Bleriot the aviator[?] lived in one of the houses facing the seafront & also had his hangars at Hardelot.

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