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this morning & he said that I was alright provided that I did not undergo any exposure. He said I wasn't fit for the front.
This afternoon two of us went over to Souverain-Moulin, a pretty walk of about 6 kilometres from Wimereux. The scenery is picturesque and well wooded. Souverain-Moulin is a quaint little village renowned for its pancakes (crêpes). We each eat a dozen of these, saw an old castle with a moat around it and a river running underneath, and then walked on to Boulogne, about 7 kilomètres, followed later by a walk from town out to Wimereux. (104)
Saturday, 18 Nov.1916 (9.30 p.m):
Getting rotten beastly cold weather now. Yesterday morning when I turned out here was ice an inch thick

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