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morning and all there was to see was a big burnt, trampled patch of ground with a litter of pieces of wire, screws, nuts, bolts, exploded cartridge cases etc a few of which we secured as souvenirs.
We have a big crowd of French workmen in the camp erecting long wooden huts for 800 patients & personnel, but goodness only knows when they will be ready for occupation – probably when the winter is just about over. The change from a tented to a hutted Hospital is costing £12,000.
The weather we are having at present is very cold but there is no rain. Frosts are of practically daily occurrence & the water is continually being frozen over.(107)
Wed. 13" Dec. 1916 2 p.m..
Yesterday we had a light fall of snow. It looked very pretty coming down in little flakes. (108)

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