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Side Note
The Calais trams have women drivers. Have seen women ticket collectors before in France but not drivers.

all the way although hilly in parts – a couple of times we took the wrong track & had to retrace our steps. The journey was a strenuous but none the less interesting one. Along the Route de Calais one passes through agricultural country the whole way while by the seashore route we had the green & brown fields on one side & the sea with its long sandy beaches & rocky coastline on the other. A wonderfully pretty spot was the little village of Escalles which lies in a fertile valley by the sea between two tall hills. Might mention that being in the "Army Zone" no one is allowed out of the Boulogne area without special authority and a previous applic. of mine to go to Calais had been turned down – nevertheless I got there; the various French picquets passed on the way never said a word.

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