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Thursday 23rd January
Completed drafts of Honours List. Final awards of M.S.M -[indecipherable] published and the whole of our last Honours list nomination now cleared up.
Attended at night a show by the "Dinkum Diamonds". A very good performance indeed, but demobilization is hitting the party very hard indeed.

Friday 24th January
In office all day. Quite a heavy fall of snow. In evening attended Lecture on Gallipoli, given by Rev Merrington in the Trianon, Charleroi. Quite a good audience and a very interesting lecture.

Saturday 25th January
More snow today.
At 8.30 am said goodbye to a draft of 1000 officers and men who are starting on their journey to Australia. Col Currie of 7th Brigade was in charge. At the last moment about a dozen men missed the train, being absent obtaining tea or stronger drinks. At night "A" Mess dined with M & Madame Schoref. A very fine dinner and a pleasant evening generally. At dinner M Schoref made a very nice speech and presented me with a nicely bound album of views of devastated industries , as a Souvenir of my stay in Marcinelle. The photos in particular depicted scenes of devastation caused by the Boche on the big steel works.

Sunday 26th January
Writing letters. Colonel Raffan AAMC called on a visit to the Division concerning Venereal disease.
Gen Montgomery 4th Army spent the afternoon with m, discussing various matters of military interest.
I have asked him to arrange for all Australian officers to rank of Lt Colonel and above to visit Cologne, Coblentz etc. He promised to do so. More snow and much snowballing. Col Bushell joined "A" Mess.

Monday 27th January
Col Raffan continuing his inspection of

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